Client Relationship Roundtable
Plan Sponsor – Advisor/Consultant - Participant

2023 Program

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“Business afterall, is nothing more than a bunch of human relationships”
-Lee Iacocca


The Roundtable is a virtual and actual forum for members to have conversation, exchange views and collaborate on strategies designed TO NURTURE, enrich and sustain the relationships that are in fact, the American retirement system.  This complex and self-supporting ecosytem reflects the health and wellness of the relationships between Plan Sponsor, Advisor and retirement Plan Participant

In 2023, the Roundtable is comprised of three levels:

  • Client/Advisor Relationship Management
  • Account Management
  • Participant Strategy


Membership and participation in the Roundtable enables attendees to create a curated meaningful experience that extends beyond the actual meetings and influences the relationships between advisors, sponsor, participant and even service provider. This occurs through:

  • Driving direction and content of Roundtable activities
  • Access to the EACH Enterprise online retirement plan community app (includes access to roster of contacts, among other benefits) (sign up now at
  • Client Relationship Management Sentiment Survey and Report
  • 2 Plan Sponsor Polls (The NEXUS REPORTS) ($7,000 sample budget) in collaboration with the Worldwide Employee Benefits Network (WEB)
  • Distribution of polls, surveys, and reports on the 401(k) Listening Post LinkedIn page and website
  • 12 one-hour online meetings
    • 3 Client and Advisor Relationship Management leads
    • 3 Account Management leads
    • 3 Participant strategy leads
    • 3 Digital experience leads
  • 2 in-person meeting in April/May 2023 and October/November 2023 (3 tracks and 3 registrations per company)
  • Other activities as budget allows and membership needs evolve

This program assumes 15 participating firms.


Membership dues cover all benefits and deliverables listed above:

  • Program: $7,200
  • Additional in-person meeting registration: $450


Please contact:

Mr. Eric Henon                                    
EACH Enterprise LLC
16 A Pasco Drive
East Windsor, CT 06088
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cancellation policy: There are no refunds for this program


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