Retirement Company CEO Roundtable September 2018

Retirement Company CEO Roundtable - September 2018

Retirement Company CEO Roundtable


Strategic Issues: Technology Disruptors, Retirement Sector Financials, Distribution of the Future, Industry Ecosystem

September 12 - 13, 2018 in Dresher, PARTPic

Hosted by: Ascensus

Meeting Objective

EACH Enterprise is pleased to facilitate the CEO Roundtable for retirement plan product and service providers. Hosted by Ascensus, the upcoming meeting will discuss strategic issues facing their firms and the industry in the upcoming years. These informal discussions are organized around topics suggested in the registration process. There are no minutes of this meeting but a summary of insights from the meeting will be sent to all contributors as a follow up.


Invitation List

Attendance is by invitation only. The invitation is extended to Business Unit Heads of top-40 retirement plan product and service providers.  No substitute.


At a time when benefits are driving hiring trends and retirement benefits are experiencing renewed compression in the market, the demand for a forum to discuss these challenges has arisen from our membership. Specifically, senior members want to:

  • Discuss strategic issues at a time of unprecedented pressure in the industry
  • Meet with their contemporaries in an informal setting to understand relevant positions
  • Establish a regular meeting once or twice a year to discuss big issues of the day

Value Add

EACH Enterprise supports ongoing dialogue among Chief Executives to promote industry-wide innovation and understanding. As part of that support, EACH Enterprise will deliver regular foresight papers from SMEs on relevant topics:

  • June 2018 - CyberSecurity - Increased pressure is on our firms to respond to the threats - those who stay ahead of the challenge win first prize
  • August 2018 - Robotics -- Retirement Plan firms are making giant productivity leaps - but what gains can we reap from progress made?
  • September 2018 - Profitability - what is the viability of an after-market business model at the sponsor level or the participant level?
  • October 2018 - Distribution and the impact of regulations
  • November/December 2018 - Talent pool management in the industry - how to find, recruit, engage, develop, and keep our highly qualified workforce
  • January 2019 - Financial wellness - how to harness the trend
  • February 2019 - Agile organizations - how they evolve and prosper and how you too can benefit.

WEBEX/Conference call

In advance of the in-person roundtable, and to assist Business Unit Heads with the budget cycle, a 90-minute WEBEX and conference call will take place June 7, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time:

  • Panel Presentation/discussion on profitability, and the viability of an after-market for the retirement plan business
  • Discussion among peer CEOs/Business Unit Heads on pre-submitted topics

Date, Time, Venue, Dress Code

Wednesday September 12, 2018 - 7:00 p.m.

Pre-event networking dinner: 

William Penn Inn
1017 Dekalb Pike
Ambler, PA  19002 
ZAGAT ratings

Thursday September 13, 2018
8:00 a.m. - Continental breaksfast
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Sessions

Ascensus Conference Center
200 Dryden Road
Dresher, PA 19025

Dress Code
Business casual

Discussion Topics

Distribution of the future
  • What is on the mind of plan advisors and consultants?
  • How will succession plans affect the business?
  • How will retirement plan distribution be structured five years from now?
  • What will be the respective share of consultants, Registered Investment Advisors, Broker-dealer firms, agents, direct, new intermediaries we have not yet thought about?
Retirement sector financials
  • Will stand-alone retirement plan service continue to be profitable or is the sector slowly becoming an after-market business for all providers?
  • What are the conditions of success of an after-market business model?
Technology – balancing security, functionality, and ease of access
  • How do we enhance services to plan sponsors, participants, advisors,provide easier access to data and greater integration with outside data, and minimize development risk and cybersecurity risk?
  • What is the outer limit of efficiency gains achievable with artificial intelligence and robotics?
  • When will the threat of cybersecurity abate?
Industry ecosystem 
  • Regulatory, legal, and judicial framework: Retirement market implications, opportunities, and strategies around Tax Reform, MEPs, state run retirement plans, etc.
  • Delivering financial wellness to individual participants
  • Competing with other economic sectors for employer and employee dollar
  • Industry talent pool direction industry representation and leadership
Agile Organization – Benefits and implementation
  • How can our firms benefit of novel organizational structures leveraging centers of excellence / agile teams / Kanban method / SCRUM development teams / and swarming?
  • How to adapt company practices in areas such as HR Management (Recruiting, compensation) to keep up with the requirements of an agile organization?
  • How do we guide cost sharing of resources among product lines / business units in an agile organization?
Other topics sugested by registered business unit heads 


8:00 a.m      Continental breakfast buffet

8:30 a.m.      Welcome, purpose, goals and objectives, introductions and hot topics

8:45 a.m.      Roundtable discussions - Sector financials

9:45 a.m.      Break

10:00 a.m.    Emerging disruptor technologies
                       Guest Speaker TBA

11:00 a.m.    Roundtable discussions - Hot topics - technology

12:00 p.m.    Luncheon

1:00 p.m.      Roundtable discussions - Distribution of the Future

2:00 p.m.     Roundtable discussions – Industry ecosystem and hot topics

2:30 p.m.      Action plan and next steps

3:00 p.m.      Adjourn

Pre-Event Networking Dinner

September 12, 2018 at 7 p.m.

William Penn Inn
1017 Dekalb Pike
Ambler, PA  19002 

Area Hotels

William Penn Inn
1017 Dekalb Pike
Ambler, PA  19002

Normandy Farm Hotel
1401 Morris Road
Blue Bell, PA  19422

Residence Inn
3 Walnut Grove Drive
Horsham, PA  19044

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