EACH Enterprise utilizes quantitative and qualitative market research techniques to help institutional retirement plan providers better understand their clients and formulate solutions and strategies that fulfill client needs. We perform thorough and innovative discovery research that generates actionable data and lends perspective to industry trends, client behaviors, and participant choices.


This multi-faceted media and research initiative is on a mission to set Generation Z on a course to achieve 99.7% retirement success by age 70.

Research activities will change every year, to reflect the interests of sponsors. Research is designed to support thought leadership but also turn into deliverables that impact the behaviour of Generation Z, and also monitor the effectiveness of the program.

In 2017, we propose to conduct:

  • Three online-surveys of members of Generation Z (2,000 responses for each)
  • Two online-focus groups (20 research subjects at each group)
  • Fifteen one-on-one in-depth interviews

One-on-one interviews support scenario development and concept testing. Survey results provide strategic direction for sponsors and support segmentation.

Focus groups uncover the range / prevalence of attitudes toward a range of issues; develop assumptions for testing in survey questionnaires.

Associated Event: Participant Strategy Roundtable Annual Meeting



Generation Z: On a Track Toward Retirement Success – Content for Communication

Generation Z is perhaps the first generation with the knowledge and outlook to potentially reach 99.7% retirement readiness by age 70.genz study cover 230x230

The content for communication with plan sponsors and advisors  will demonstrate  your understanding of the current generation of workforce entrants (ages 16 to 23) and help you win new business and retain business among employers with a growing workforce.  Content addresses including their evolving life situation, their financial status, attitude toward retirement savings in general and 401(k) plans in particular, how they make major decisions, their use of electronic devices and social media, and their world views .

Sectors with a high concentration of younger workers include amusement, gambling, and recreation, app development, athletics and sports, communications technology, electronics, gas stations, health and personal care, high tech, Internet publishing and web search, motion pictures and video, music, retail, pharmacies, restaurants and food service, retail, specialty foods, start-ups, veterinary services, web design, and zoos.

This content is extremely relevant to enhance your position in the marketplace for retirement benefits. Take advantage by buying this timely report. The cost is just $1600.


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Conversion/Transition/Implementation Research Program

Users: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark the conversion / implementation process; benchmark the conversion consultant, data analyst/specialist, ERISA/tech staff, admin, and other positions; benchmark conversion/implementation service and compensation across size bands; trend industry practices from 2014

Historically, this study benchmarks the Conversion / Transition / Implementation process and the compensation of conversion / implementation staffers across market segments and plan types. This fourth edition of the study addresses five issues prioritized by participating client firms, including:

  • Functionality of Pre-Conversion Websites
  • Segmentation by Service Model
  • Services in the ERISA Mid-Market o Payroll Feed Integration
  • Team Staffing by “Standard” Position

Each of these topics / issues will be addressed individually in a 20-25 question survey module. Companies can participate in as many or as few survey modules as they wish. Firms participating in a survey module will be invited to provide input into the survey questionnaire, attend an online presentation of survey results, receive a PowerPoint presentation of major study results and takeaways, and receive a statistical report of overall survey results.Over 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute, 18 past contributors.

Associated event: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader Roundtable Annual Meeting



Client Relationship Manager Position Compensation Survey

Users: Head of Relationship Management, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark Client Relationship service and compensation across size bands; benchmark the Client Relationship Manager position; trend industry practices

Conducted seven times between 2007 and 2016, the survey benchmarks the Client Relationship Manager position at retirement plan firms across plan size bands. The sixty-question survey addresses compensation, rewards and recognition, responsibilities, caseloads, staffing, recruiting, retention, supervision, segmentation and support (i.e., staff, budget, technology, training and development). Data is gathered at both the aggregate and individual relationship manager level. Deliverables include an overall report (executive summary plus tables), segmented results for peer groups of relationship managers with similar responsibilities and client profiles, a coded firm-by-firm report (tables), and a private web conference presentation of study results and recommendations for each participating firm. More than 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute annually; 25 past contributors.

Associated event: EACH Enterprise Client Relationship Manager Roundtable Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings


Account Manager Position Survey

Users: Head of Account Management, Client Service, Human Resources

Benefit: Benchmark the Account Manager position; trend industry practices

This update of the 2012 Account Manager Position Study benchmarks the Account Manager position at retirement plan firms across plan size bands. The fifty-question survey addresses compensation, assignment, responsibilities, case loads, staffing, recruiting, retention, supervision, segmentation and support (staff, training and development). Deliverables include an overall report (executive summary plus tables), a coded firm-by-firm report (tables), and a private Web-conference presentation of study results for your firm. Over 30 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute; 9 past contributors.

Associated event: EACH Enterprise Account Manager Roundtable Annual Meeting


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